Fair options of PGE Narodowy are unlimited. The greatest projects take place on the pitch of the stadium with the area of 12,500 square metres. 58,274 spectators can be seated in the surrounding stands. The space is perfectly communicated with large rooms such as Gallery or Business Club and the internal promenade of PGE Narodowy. An integral part of the fair centre is a unique place called Gallery.
This modern, high-standard space covers 3,200 square metres. Close proximity to the main reception desk of PGE Narodowy makes it a perfect choice for organising large events of a public character. Gallery has a direct exit to the stands and there are also movable walls inside it, which make it possible to divide Gallery into two enclosed conference rooms.

The exhibition area of PGE Narodowy can be extended by a spacious foyer, conference centre and even the internal promenade
of the stadium. The venue creates ideal conditions for the organised fairs, car exhibitions or even fashion shows.