Both the pitch of PGE Narodowy and the outer areas surrounding it are an ideal place to organise mass events such as picnics. The stadium pitch together with the stands and communication routes offer great freedom
of arrangement and ease of installation. The outdoor area of PGE Narodowy is a large space in the city centre with a lot of options for individual arrangement and direct access to the second metro line and numerous tram and bus lines.
PGE Narodowy is a unique venue which has for years been making Poles filled with great, positive emotions that cannot be experienced anywhere else. The largest picnics in Poland are organised here, these being Science Picnic of Polish Radio
and Copernicus Science Centre, National Sports Day, “Prophylaxis and you” 10th Jubilee Polish Nationwide Event, “We Serve the Independent” military picnic, National Tennis Day, 50th birthday of Kinder and “Dare to be healthy in PGE Narodowy” picnic.