Enrolment for the new edition of "Play in PGE Narodowy" is now open!

Author |Date: 19 August 2019
Many football enthusiasts dream of watching a live performance of the Polish national team. PGE Narodowy makes these dreams come true and goes one step further, allowing you to play a match on the turf, on which the White and Red play! All this thanks to the “Play in PGE Narodowy” campaign.
The “Play in PGE Narodowy” campaign is addressed to businesses. It enables you to arrange a unique event for your business partners, honour the most committed employees and present your company at the most recognizable sports venue in Poland.

Matches taking place during “Play in PGE Narodowy” are played under professional conditions and the emotions accompanying the meeting rise with each move literally. Your football adventure in PGE Narodowy will begin in the changing room of the Polish national team, which is used by the team’ stars during matches. Then, like the White and Red, you will make your way to the turf, which will delight you with its outstanding quality. Before it arrives at PGE Narodowy, it is cultivated for over 17 months and then transported to the stadium by 25 lorries. Its weight is almost 600 tons!

What is very important and exceptional, as part of “Play in PGE Narodowy” teams are given the field on an exclusive basis and only the match of one pair of sport rivals is played on the turf. Matches consist of two halves of 25 minutes each. Their smooth running is watched over by a professional team of football referees.

"Play in PGE Narodowy” campaign is not only a huge amount of positive emotions for the players, but also for the fans who can take their seats in the VIP sector. It is possible during the meeting to display your company’s logo on a stadium screen (54 square meters) located on the spire, use the stadium’s sound system with a commentary by an announcer and organise a match-related conference or training.

The next edition of "Play in PGE Narodowy” will be held on 15-16 October, i.e. after the match between Poland and North Macedonia, which will be played on 13 October.

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