SME sector meeting for the second time in PGE Narodowy

Author |Date: 9 października 2019

2019 Business Forum of Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) in PGE Narodowy attracted thousands of representatives of the SME sector and its partners, including PAIH experts and representatives of regions and development institutions. The meeting was opened by Minister Tadeusz Kościński, President of the Management Board of PAIH Grażyna Ciurzyńska and Alicja Omięcka, the President of the Management Board of the operator of PGE Narodowy.

‘I hope that just as our White and Red Fortress brings luck to the Polish national football team, it will also become a place of lively and professional exchange of business ideas and thus will contribute to the development of the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises. PGE Narodowy hosts around 500 business events a year. These include conferences, congresses, fairs, as well as smaller meetings or even negotiations. Making our spaces available to representatives of the business world we often hear about the challenges ahead of you’, said President Alicja Omięcka. ‘I am all the more pleased that the Polish Investment and Trade Agency headed by President Grażyna Ciurzyńska has gathered so many people from the business world in PGE Narodowy now for the second time, and that together we can look for answers to the questions troubling Polish business and define new directions for development’.

The event is addressed to Polish entrepreneurs, with special attention to SMEs, active exporters and entrepreneurs interested in exporting their products and services and planning and implementing foreign investments.

The programme involves a broad formula of professional activities ensuring a full process of supporting entrepreneurs in the areas of export and investment. An added value will be the opportunity for the Forum participants to have direct contact with representatives of Foreign Trade Offices of PAIH, enabling them to strengthen relations on individual markets with a wide geographic reach.