A perfect office - what is it and how to find it?

Author |Date: 13 lutego 2020

What do we mean by "perfect office"? Extreme minimalism that gives space, or vivid colours and fragrant flowers? Does the view from the window or access to some entertainment affect your work efficiency? Where can we find the answer to the question: what should an ideal office look like?

Nowadays, an office can be called the employee's second home. This does not mean that there is one perfect office for everyone. For some it will be important to feel safe and comfortable, for others it will be a great location and functionality. We believe that an ideal office should be a place where we feel good. Only then can our work bear fruit.

One of the advantages of effective work is, above all, a well-designed office. It is important to arrange it not only visually and aesthetically, but also functionally, in the most comfortable way. Bright, but subdued colors and the presence of many plants have a positive effect on our work. The view from the window or our route to work also significantly affects our well-being. So if you are standing in traffic jams every morning, looking for a parking space, pushing through queues and walking down the gray corridor to your room - at the very beginning of your working day you can feel tired and frustrated.

The offices that you will find in the premises of the PGE Narodowy Stadium are avant-garde in contrast to the duplicating patterns of boring office spaces. Where to look for inspiration and stimulate your creativity, if not in a place that lives and breathes events all year round and gives us unforgettable memories. The atmosphere of sports successes, concerts of world-class stars and spectacular shows will stimulate the imagination of members of your team. The stadium is associated with great emotions, it is open to people and their needs.

Offices ranging from 50 to 340 square meters with the possibility of any arrangement await your company. Modern technical solutions ensuring comfort and safety. Perfect location, 24-hour car park, close proximity to the center of Warsaw. Office spaces of PGE Narodowy is a guarantee of the highest quality amenities with a beautiful view of the capital city and the stadium where the biggest events in Poland take place.

Don't you believe it's possible? Check out this unique space and discover new opportunities for your business: www.biznes.pgenarodowy.pl/biura.